Enjoy a long walk along the beach. Go fishing, swimming, building sandcastles or enjoy a drive along one of the scenic dirt roads by the coast. Do you rather prefer day dreaming on your stoep, reading a book, or sipping a cocktail while the sun sets on the horizon? Then Strandfontein is you ideal holiday destination!


Visit Lambertsbay’s Bird Island or spend the day eating like a king at the famous Outdoor Restaurant Muisbosskerm. Go to Doringbay to buy the catch of the day or enjoy a glass of 5 star Sauvignon Blanc on the Jetty at Fryer’s Cove Vineyards. Along the route to Klawer there are a wide variety of boutique winecellars. Vanrhynsdorp offers museums, a succelent nursery and Gifberg’s beautiful waterfalls among other attractions to admire. You can also visit Ratelgat, home to the native Griquas.


To travel to Strandfontein you can either drive on the N7 towards Vanrhynsdorp (tar road) or you can also travel with the scenic route (R27) which is beautiful and shorter in distance. Towns alongside this scenic route includes Cape Town, Yzerfontein, Langebaan, Dwarskersbos, Elandsbay, Lambertsbay, Doringbay and Strandfontein. You will find 2 toll gates, and a part of the road is gravel road.

For more attractions visit our local tourism website.